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1. Victoria plans to bring back international students at the end of the year, starting with 120 students a week!

This week, Australian media have reported that Victoria is about to complete the return of overseas students to Australia and will start operations at the end of this year. 120 international students will be allowed to arrive in Victoria every week, and Victorian universities will pay at least $5,000 for hotel quarantine. The plan is sent to the federal government for approval before the end of this week. At the beginning of the plan, the university students will be brought back, followed by TAFE and elementary and middle school students. They will be placed in a hotel for isolation. Ten presidents of the University of Victoria have signed documents supporting this plan.

2. Australia announces preferential policies for overseas 485 holders in the next few weeks

The Australian government is considering providing an exemption policy for existing overseas 485 visa holders in the next few weeks, which may be visa extension or freezing time. The specific method is to be determined. These holders stayed abroad during the epidemic, wasting visa time in vain. Taking into account their previous and future contributions to Australia, the Minister of Immigration said that he is discussing with the Minister of Education on how to compensate them for their loss in visa time.

485 is a temporary visa. Each person as the main application has only one opportunity to apply. It allows international students in Australia to live, study and work in the country after completing their studies. Depending on the category, 485 visa holders can stay for up to 18 months to 4 years and gain valuable work experience depending on the situation. At present, a new 485 application can be submitted abroad, or a visa can be issued, but holders who have previously signed a visa in China and stay abroad cannot extend, freeze or re-apply for a 485 visa.

3. The University of Sydney sends a form of intent to study in Australia to international students

Following the announcement of the launch of the New South Wales International Student Back-to-School Pilot Program on September 24, the University of Sydney today sent a Back-to-School Intent Form (EOI Form) to current overseas students and suspended international students via email.

Which students meet the requirements:

Students need to have a valid passport and Australian student visa;

Students need to test negative for COVID-19 before departure;

Students need to have been vaccinated with vaccines recognized by TGA

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