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1. The University of Sydney offline courses require international students to arrive in Australia to submit a statutory declaration before they can register for admission! !

Prospective international students of the University of Sydney who apply for offline courses and receive an unconditional admission notice need to provide a statutory declaration before the start of the course, proving that they can register in Australia.

According to school requirements, students must confirm their arrival to Xida by providing a statutory declaration no later than the date specified in the admission letter after arriving in Australia. If the student fails to meet this requirement by the deadline, they will not be able to register for learning. Children's shoes remember to confirm the expiration time of the unconditional admission letter and the final acceptance date, and arrange the entry time reasonably, and complete the statutory declaration before arriving in Australia (before the course starts).


Statutory declaration requirements:

Note that this document is a statutory declaration with legal effect. Students must arrive in Australia and meet the course face-to-face requirements before they can make a statutory declaration. Any statement claiming that the student has been in Australia before the student arrives is not feasible and may be regarded as fraud and affect subsequent studies and other arrangements.


Statutory declaration requirements:

Statement made by myself in Australia

Statutory declaration made by me

Provided a photo ID to the witness JP

The statutory declaration download link is as follows:

2. Starting from January 15 next year,  students and staffs in University of Tasmania must prove that they are fully vaccinated when they enter the campus.

With the opening of the Tasmanian border, the University of Tasmania provides a safe learning and living environment for school staff and students. Starting from January 15, 2022, all students, faculty and staff and anyone else who wants to enter the University of Tasmania Of people can only enter the campus after they are fully vaccinated and must provide an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (ICVC) or a vaccination certificate that meets Australian regulations (unless a medical exemption is granted).

For the students who have not yet been fully vaccinated, the Tower Congress strives to provide assistance to ensure that students can enroll smoothly.

For specific information, please refer to the following website:

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