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1. South Australia takes the lead in planning for the complete exemption of isolation for international students returning to Australia

On Wednesday, Study Adelaide's official website updated the latest policy on returning overseas students to Australia. It is estimated that by the end of December 2021 (South Australia double-dose coverage rate reaches 90%), international students who have been fully vaccinated with approved vaccines will not need to return to South Australia from overseas. Quarantine; the South Australian government welcomes all international travelers (inoculated with TGA approved vaccines), regardless of country/region. This is slightly different from the pace of pilot isolation in other states that has already been announced, and I hope that other states can learn from it.

However, I still remind everyone that the federal government has the final say on who can enter internationally, and the state governments have the right to specify their own isolation policies; so it is equivalent to waiting for the federal order to gradually return international students. South Australia welcomes all international students, including China. Return without isolation.

2. The joint undergraduate engineering project of Western Sydney University and UNSW is released!

The University of Western Sydney and the University of New South Wales jointly launched the latest Bachelor of Enginnering Advanced (Honous) degree in engineering, offering four major directions: mechanical engineering, robotics and mechatronics engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering

The cooperative project is expected to obtain provisional certification from the Engineers Association of Australia in 2022 and full certification in 2026 (that is, students enrolled in 2022 will be fully certified when they graduate in class). Majoring in software engineering will also be certified by the Australian Computer Association.

Internship requirements: The course includes 60 days (420-450 hours) of mandatory industry experience, and students need to complete an internship in a local engineering company. It is usually arranged at the end of the third or fourth year.

Entry requirement: ATAR score of 83 or equivalent

Currently in the final registration stage, the University of New South Wales will provide teaching of some courses in the first and second years of the course. After completing the first two years of study, if the GPA reaches 5.7, the student will be able to transfer to New South Wales to complete the subsequent studies, and finally obtain an honours degree in Engineering from the University of New South Wales. As we all know, the University of New South Wales has a world-leading engineering school, QS ranked first in Australia and 36th in the world. Having a good surplus in graduate employability and providing students with an intensive research environment will help students pursue higher degrees.

If the GPA is less than 5.7 in the first two years, students can continue to complete their studies at Western Sydney University

3. Announcement of the latest graduates' annual salary

Australian Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge said in early November that graduates of medicine, engineering, nursing and education continue to lead the way in terms of income.

The 2021 Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS) is part of the Australian Teaching Quality Indicators (QILT) survey project, which is funded and released by the Australian Government. The focus of this report is on the main indicators listed in QILT: mainly the labor market situation

(Full-time employment rate, overall employment rate, labor force participation rate, median full-time salary, etc.) and student course satisfaction.

The overall employment rate of undergraduate graduates, an average of 84.8%

The top six majors are:

1) Rehabilitation-96.0%

2) Dentistry professional-94.5%

3) Pharmacy-93.6%

4) Medicine-92.9%

5) Teacher Education-91.1%

6) Veterinary Science-90.6%

It can be seen that most of these majors with an employment rate of more than 90% are related to health. Only the education profession is comparable, which shows that Australia has a huge demand for teachers.

The median full-time salary for undergraduate graduates is an average of 65,000 Australian dollars.

The top five majors are:

1) Dentistry Professional-$100,000

2) Medicine Major-$76,000

3) Social Work-$72,600

4) Teacher Education major-$72,000

5) Engineering major-$70,000

Health and education majors still dominate the list, while the salary levels of social work and engineering are also very good, and these majors are also good choices for immigrants.

From a school perspective, the universities with the highest median income nine years after graduation are:

University of Western Australia (A$88900)

University of New South Wales (A$88,200)

Australian National University (A$86,400)

University of Technology Sydney (A$85400)

University of Queensland (A$83400)

These new data highlight the importance of the government’s graduate employment preparation reform, which reduces student fees in priority fields such as engineering, teaching, and nursing, and encourages students to enter fields with good employment and income prospects.

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