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1. The Victorian quarantine plan is supported by the Prime Minister!

Everyone knows that the Acting Governor of Victoria submitted a proposal to the federal government to accept international students. Everyone thought that the proposal would sink into the ocean like the previous proposals in other states. Unexpectedly, at the end of last month, Victoria The state government once again proposed a very specific quarantine plan to transform a pet quarantine facility in the Mickleham district north of Melbourne's CBD into a quarantine place for overseas travelers. The proposal will invest 15 million Australian dollars and can accommodate 500 inbound travelers.

On May 4, Australian Prime Minister Morris responded to the proposal for the first time. He believed that the proposal was very detailed and comprehensive compared with other previous proposals. The federal government will conduct specific discussions with the state government as soon as possible and seriously consider isolation. The center recommends.

Compared with other international student entry proposals, the Victorian government's proposal can be said to be more specific, and it has received a positive response from the federal government for the first time. I believe that with the vigorous advancement of the state government, if the final approval is obtained, the process of international students' entry will also be accelerated, and it will be implemented as soon as May 24.

2. La Trobe University Nursing Course, you can complete the first year of undergraduate in 6 months!

La Trobe University was founded in 1967 and now has 7 campuses including Melbourne and Sydney. Recently, La Trobe University announced the opening of the Accelerated Nursing program to international students in Australia, which will start on 21/06/2021.

The accelerated course can be completed in the first year of bachelor of nursing (pre-registration) in two teaching periods, which is 6 months, and can be directly connected to Bachelor's second year after completion. For students who want to study undergraduate nursing, 0.5 years can be saved directly.

3. The University of Queensland officially announced that 2021 S2 will continue to provide online tuition subsidies

Halfway through 2021, the University of Queensland, one of the eight largest in Australia, recently announced that it will continue to provide possible support and subsidies for international students in the second half of the year.

The first is the online course subsidy. According to the information on the official website of the University of Queensland, if students are currently stranded outside Australia due to the epidemic and border controls and cannot return to Australia to study, then international students who study online and online courses will have the opportunity to get 12.5 % Tuition fee reduction subsidy.

The following four requirements need to be met to receive online course subsidies:

1. Unable to enter Australia due to border control

2. Study through online courses in the student's home country

3. It is a full-paying international student

4. Scholarships, sponsorships and bursaries have not been received yet

Secondly, the school will also

International students who can be exempted from entering the country will provide isolation subsidies in the future.

The University of Queensland stated that if the Australian government relaxes the entry of international students in the future,

Then eligible students will receive a quarantine subsidy of up to $2000 Australian dollars for quarantine expenses and testing expenses, etc.

It is not difficult to see that UQ is also using practical actions to hope that international students can enter the country as soon as possible.

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