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01. Currently three types of international students can be exempted from entry

The parliamentary wish initiated by overseas students at the beginning of the year eventually collected more than 17,317 signatures. What is currently released is a public response letter from the Minister of the Interior Peter Dutton. The main idea of ​​the letter is: In order to ensure that the Australian people are not affected by the new crown epidemic, the Australian government is gradually adopting measures to restrict travel on the border. Until a follow-up notice, all foreign citizens will not be allowed to enter Australia for the time being, unless the exemption clause applies.

The current travel restrictions have successfully controlled the outbreak in Australia. The key point is that Australia grants some international students the exemption from returning to Australia: 

1. Medical and health students who are about to graduate in the last two years, and their majors include medical, dentistry, nursing and medical health-related courses. And the student will participate in an internship in an Australian hospital or clinic in the next two months.

2. High school students in grades 11 and 12 approved by the Australian Department of Education are equivalent to high school sophomores and seniors.

3. Some doctoral students. Australia values ​​international students very much and hopes to let them return to Australia as soon as conditions permit. However, it is still the government's priority to bring back Australians stranded abroad.

In fact, it is not difficult to see that there are very few international students with exemption qualifications. We still look forward to the inter-communication bubble in specific countries and the pilot program for returning overseas students to Australia.

02. RMIT scholarships

Scholarships have always been the most important information for students. This week we will introduce scholarships from many schools.

First of all, let’s look at the first wave of scholarships ‘Academic Excellence Scholarships’. The scholarship is a one-time grant of $5000 and an application is required.

how to apply? The first step is to select the scholarship program, the second step is to submit the course application, the third step is to receive the admission notice, and the fourth step is to submit the scholarship application. The scholarship deadline is June 15, 2021. Application requirements: Newly applied international students in Australia are required. Students currently enrolled in RMIT cannot apply. Apply for the following series of undergraduate or postgraduate courses and enroll in semester2 in 2021:

To obtain an average score of 70% or equivalent in the previous academic qualification, you need to submit a 200-word personal statement or a 60-90 second video. Students who are pre-admitted must meet the admission requirements before applying for scholarships. Language course students can also apply. But its main course needs to start in the second semester of 2021.

In the second wave, there is a higher amount of scholarships. STEM MeritScholarships The value of STEM MeritScholarships is as high as $10,000. The conditions are basically the same as the above academic merit scholarships. The difference is that the students applying for courses need to be STEM courses. Including: Engineering, Health and Biomedical Sciences, Science and Computing Technologies

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