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1. How to get a full admission in advance

Australia generally has two main start dates, one is February and the other is July. Due to the relatively short holiday time for the enrollment time for classes starting in July, many students are worried that they may not be able to keep up.

So, one way to recommend everyone is to get a complete admission in advance and receive a conditional COE.

This method is suitable for:

Students who are currently in the last semester must achieve at least the admission score (some schools will require higher than the admission score to be eligible to apply). All other materials are qualified and only the last semester score and graduation materials are required.

If you meet these requirements, and you have determined your graduate school and intentions. Then you can apply for a full admission before graduation.

The requirements for early admission to the University of Sydney are as follows:

Students applying to the University of Sydney

Need to fill in the SAP application form (Special Admissions Process Information sheet)

If you are an overseas student, you need to come from a specific country to be eligible to apply (including China). Take the domestic senior as an example, you need to provide 7 semester transcripts, a certificate of completion (issued by the Academic Affairs Office), and academic standards The score must be higher than the admission score (at least 2 points).

For domestic students, provide the latest transcript (only the last semester score is missing), and the average academic score must be higher than the admission score (at least 2 points).

In addition, medical courses and some architectural courses are not part of the SAP program.

SAP application deadline: 2 weeks before the start of the applied course

If you need a language class, the deadline is 4 weeks before the start of the applied CET course

All students applying for SAP must submit their complete transcripts and graduation materials on the Friday before the start of the class, otherwise the enrolment will be cancelled.

2.  RMIT Foundation Scholarship

The preparatory course is equivalent to the third year of high school. If you enter the RMIT preparatory course in July 2021, you can reduce the tuition fee by 20% of the two semesters. Applicants who have received the admission letter for the second semester of 2022 can get an additional one-time AUD 5,000 Bursary.

In order to meet the requirements of the bursary, the applicant must be an international freshman who will enter the preparatory course in July 2021.

Select and apply for the RMIT preparatory course that meets the bursary requirements;

If the application is successful, you will receive a notice listing the details of the bursary.

Terms and Conditions:

20% tuition fee reduction: only applicable to the preparatory course in 2021, and cannot be postponed to other years. It must be used in 2021.

Only when students successfully enrolled in the second semester of higher education in 2022 can they receive a one-time bursary of 5,000 Australian dollars.

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