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Good news came from Australian students returning to Australia on a pilot basis again this week! ! !

Victoria is silently doing major things and has submitted the detailed plan to the federal government and is awaiting approval. Victoria plans to start accepting international students and other groups of international immigrants to return to Australia next month. There are 120 people per week. About half of the quota is for international students. If approved, it can start on May 24. Victoria is confident that this plan will avoid the minefields before the Commonwealth. Victoria’s plan is to allow 120 people per week to be quarantined in a hotel outside the existing system. This hotel will not accept other returning passengers. That is, it will not conflict with PR and citizens.

The Minister of Education has confirmed that the proposal has been received and will consider it carefully. Victoria stated that if the federal government rejects the proposal, Victoria will not increase the number of overseas Australians returning to Australia.

NSW TAFE Scholarship application will be closed soon

TAFE NSW is committed to helping international students develop professional skills and obtain the qualifications needed to achieve personal and professional goals. The total value of each scholarship awarded is AU$2,000, which will be used as credits of AU$1,000 to deduct the tuition fees for the second semester of 2021 and the first semester of 2022.

Deadline: June 30, 2021 (Australian Eastern Standard Time) at 5 pm

Free 6-week accommodation fee for admission to the University of Canberra in the second semester

Specific requirements:

(a) Freshmen entering the second semester of 2021, majoring in IT, education, art design, and business

(b) Complete the NRAS form

(c) The place of residence is not Canberra at the time of application

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