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2022 THE Global University Rankings 

This week, in 2022, the Times Higher Education abbreviated THE announced the World University Rankings for Comprehensive Strength. This ranking covers 99 countries and regions, and 1662 universities have been ranked. This is an increase of 136 universities and 6 countries and regions from last year, making it the largest list ever.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings is the only global performance table in the world that judges all the core tasks of research-intensive universities, including teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international prospects.

The Times University ranking uses 5 dimensions to score, namely:

Teaching: learning environment

Research: Quantity, income and reputation

Citations: Research influence

International outlook: employees, students, research

Industry income: knowledge transfer

Australian universities have an eye-catching performance, with 6 universities breaking into the world’s top 100 and 12 universities among the world’s top 200.

Australia’s top 100 universities in the world are:

First: University of Melbourne World 33

 second: Australian National University/University of Queensland 54 in the world, improved by 5 and 8 places respectively

Fourth: Monash University 57 in the world, improved 7 places

Fifth: University of Sydney World 58

Sixth: The University of New South Wales, 70th in the world, has moved up 26 places in the past three years

The top 200 universities in Australia are:

Seventh: The University of Adelaide, 111th in the world, improved 7 places

Eighth: University of Western Australia, 132nd in the world

Ninth: University of Technology, Sydney, 143 in the world, an improvement of up to 17 places!

Tenth: University of Canberra, 170 in the world,  14 places improvement!

Eleventh: Macquarie University, World 192

Twelfth: Queensland University of Technology, World 193

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