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1、Western Australia students can finally enter; entry changed to fill in DPD

On February 15, Western Australia announced that international students who have registered for courses can directly enter Western Australia, while allowing international students already enrolled in Western Australia primary schools, secondary schools, universities, colleges, technical colleges or other continuing education courses to directly enter Western Australia. . Students can fly directly to Western Australia from overseas, or indirectly fly to Western Australia through another state or territory.

Admission requirements for enrolled international students:


An approved G2G pass with exemption category 'Students registered in Western Australia';

Three doses of vaccine if eligible, two doses if not;

Proof of negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) within 24 hours of departure;

self-isolate for 7 days in a suitable location in Western Australia, the same requirements for household members in the self-isolation location;

RAT or PCR test within 24 hours of arrival and PCR test on day 6 of self-isolation or RAT on day 7. If symptoms develop, students will need to remain in isolation until symptoms resolve. Family members will also be required to undergo PCR testing on the seventh day of the traveller;

Mandatory use of the G2G Now app and in-person inspection by Western Australian Police as required.

At the same time, from February 18th, passengers or students entering Australia need to declare the PDP digital passenger declaration form. The DPD can be filled in from 7 days before departure, and it needs to be submitted within 72 hours before departure.


The contents that DPD needs to submit include:

§ Flight number and flight information

§ Valid passport

§ Travel history for the past 14 days

§ Vaccination records or proof of lunch vaccinations for medical reasons

§ Certificate of negative PCR test within 2 hours, or certificate of negative RAT test within 24 hours


Website to apply for DPD:


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