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1. University of Adelaide Scholarship

Scholarships have always been sought after by international students. It is not only a reduction in tuition fees, but also an affirmation of the school for students. Fame and fortune!As one of the eight major leagues in Australia, the University of Adelaide is very generous in scholarships, up to 50% tuition reduction! The scholarship can be extended to 2025 to start the semester and can enjoy benefits.50% tuition fee waiver for Global Academic Excellence Scholarship (International)Up to 50% tuition reduction, equal to half price for reading.However, the corresponding academic requirements are also relatively high.Applicants for undergraduate courses, ATAR score (Australian College Entrance Examination) requires 98 points (or equivalent).Postgraduate program applicants, an undergraduate GPA of 6.8 (out of 7) is required.

15-30% Tuition Waiver for Global Citizens Scholarship

For international students with outstanding academic performance, successful applicants can receive a 15%-30% tuition fee waiver.

Undergraduate program applicants:Students with ATAR (Australian College Entrance Examination) equivalent score of 80 or above can get a 15% tuition fee waiver;Students with an ATAR (Australian College Entrance Examination) equivalent score of 90 or above can receive a 30% tuition fee waiver.Postgraduate Program Applicants:If Gpa reaches 5.0 (out of 7) and above, 15% tuition fee waiver can be obtained;A Gpa of 6.0 (out of 7) and above is eligible for a 30% scholarship.

25%  Tuition Waiver for HigherEducation Scholarship

Applicants for higher education scholarships must have successfully completed an tertiary qualification in Australia or graduated from an Australian high school and are about to start undergraduate/postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide.Scholarship amount: 25% tuition fee waiver per year.Applicants need to successfully graduate from an AQF accredited higher education institution, which means that they need to complete a higher education qualification in Australia.Applicants are Year 12 students with a minimum ATAR score of 80 or an IB score of 28.Only one of these three scholarships will be awarded. and cannot be used in combination. The school will give you the highest amount of scholarship you can enjoy.

2. Update on the teaching mode of different uni in the next semester of 2022

1. University of Melbourne

2. University of Sydney

Online courses will still be offered for international students who are still unable to return to Australia in 2022 sem2.But some classes only have offline courses. Students are advised not to choose.3. UNSW

4. University of Queensland

Monash University

Online classes will remain in the next semester of 2022. However, some courses can only be conducted offline, and online courses are not available.

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