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1. The Civil Aviation Administration of China announced that it will gradually resume the number of flights to Australia.

The recent good news about the easing of epidemic restrictions has been one after another! The first is that the quarantine requirement has changed from "14+7" to "7+3". Secondly, Australia does not need DPD and vaccine certificates. Then, at the regular meeting of the Civil Aviation Administration in July, Xu Qing, deputy director of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that he would continue to strengthen consultations with relevant countries and gradually increase the number of international flights. And he emphasized that, considering the needs of international personnel such as overseas students, the number of international flights will be gradually and orderly increased according to the development of the epidemic, changes in prevention and control measures, and the improvement of local capacity to accept international flight support.

Sun Wensheng, deputy director of the General Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, also said at the regular meeting that the first half of the year was the most difficult period for the Civil Aviation Administration. Starting from July, the number of single-day flights of civil aviation continued to maintain more than 10,000 flights. Among them, on July 8 and 10, The number of flights in a single day exceeded 12,000, and it recovered to about 64.5% before the epidemic. The overall recovery trend continued to improve.


2. Introduction to the University of Sydney Scholarship, up to 40,000 Australian dollars

The new version of the University of Sydney scholarship summary is here!

1- Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarships Scheme Undergraduate/Graduate

This scholarship supports high-achieving international students to pursue coursework at the University of Sydney

Prize amount: 40,000 Australian dollars

No application is required, it will be issued automatically if the conditions are met

Eligibility: International students, applying for a bachelor's degree not yet started and receiving an unconditional offer by the relevant deadline

2-Sydney Scholars Awards Undergraduate

A $6000 scholarship to support outstanding Year 12 students to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney

Application Date: April 8, 2022 – September 30, 2022

Application requirements: Domestic or international students, international students need to be international students who have recently completed the International Baccalaureate High school graduation grade (ATAR 95 to 99.85)

Apply in the year you complete your high school education (if you are awarded a Sydney Scholars award, you can defer for up to two years

3️- Business School Scholarship

This is a scholarship of up to $10,000 dedicated to international students studying business courses at the University of Sydney

Bonus amount: 5000 to 10000 Australian dollars

Unconditionally admitted Business School International Scholarship applicants will be considered for the scholarship

How to distribute: Two scholarships are offered. Their numbers are provided according to the ranking of selection criteria: $10,000 per semester, $5000 per semester

4-Vice Chancellor's Global Mobility AwardUndergraduate

Undergraduate students are offered financial support for exchange student programs or short-term global exchanges. Virtual Short-Term Global Programs and Virtual Global Internships are now available without the costs associated with overseas travel. Please note that this bonus cannot be used to pay Sydney University tuition fees or SSAF

Bonus amount: up to 5000 Australian dollars

Application conditions: Enter the University of Sydney from the Early Offer Year12 (E12) of UAC EAS or the Financial hardship in the Broadway Scheme or live in the lowest 25% of Australia's socioeconomic disadvantage

3. Deakin University A$2,000 Deferred Scholarship

July 11, 2022 is the second semester of Deakin University. However, due to the delay of student visas caused by various circumstances, many students in T2 have not received their student visas and cannot enter because Deakin University is better than other universities. Said that the school has to start early, maybe there is a summer reason

Don't worry too much about this situation: you can choose from the following solutions:

1. Choose online learning

Online learning after confirming that the course is online

2. Delayed Enrollment

2022 T3 / 2023 T1 Entry* If the student has been waiting for a student visa before 4 July (no student visa approved before 7.4), only need to choose one of the above two options before 24 July, namely You can get a visa extension subsidy of 2000 Australian dollars! To help with visa changes or accommodation costs


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