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1. For the Australian Census, international students must also fill it out!

August 10 is the day of the Australian Census (Census of Population and Housing, full name is the Population and Housing Census). This census is conducted every five years. This year is the 18th large-scale census ever conducted in Australia. It targets all residents (including international students) in Australia that day.

Anyone who is in Australia on August 10th, whether they are Australian citizens or permanent residents, temporary residents, international students, tourists, and regardless of their age-from babies to senior citizens in nursing homes-must participate in the population Census. It does not include foreign diplomats and their families living in Australia, nor does it include Australian residents who are not in Australia on the day of the census.

Remember, if you refuse to conduct a census or submit an incomplete form, you will be fined. The amount is up to 222 Australian dollars per day.

Census method:

1. Fill in online

Most families will receive a letter from the Bureau of Statistics, which contains the census number and temporary password of the place of residence. It contains detailed online form filling steps.

Enter the official website link:, start to fill in

2. Paper filling

If you have not received a letter, or if you are an international student or international visitor living in a hotel, campground, or student dormitory. You can go to the official website to apply for a paper form or call the 24-hour service hotline 1800 130 250 to apply. After completing the form, send it back to the government in the free return envelope provided with the form.

Please rest assured that the personal information collected in the census is protected by law and will not be shared with anyone or other government agencies or departments. No one else can identify an individual through the census information you submit.

This data collection with almost universal participation provides reliable information figures for future planning. It covers important decisions and funding decisions such as transportation, schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and commerce.

So participating in the census is very important, please pay attention to it and participate.

2. Courses of the Faculty of Science, Australian National University

The Faculty of Science of the Australian National University provides professional knowledge in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics, biology, chemistry, earth and marine sciences, environment and sustainable development, mathematics, physics, psychology and science communication. The courses cover a wide range and involve Many professions.

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, to solve the mystery of psychological human thought. The course explores the research and applied components of psychology, and has the opportunity to specialize in areas of interest when completing an honours degree in the fourth year.

School system: 4 years full-time course, 2 classes a year, tuition fee for international students 46910 Australian dollars per year

Graduates can work as psychologists including but not limited to human resources, policy, marketing, and management consulting. You can also become a psychologist (usually in applied research).

Admission requirements:

China's college entrance examination score is no less than 76% of the local full score. Australian college entrance examination results ATAR 90+

English requirement:

IELTS 6.5, no single item less than 6.0; or PTE total score of 64, no single item less than 55

Recommended major 2: Master of Neuroscience

The Master of Neuroscience has not only conceptual theory but also practical opportunities. Students have the opportunity to use the most advanced modern facilities and study alongside outstanding scientists in the field. This major offers many fields of study, such as cell and system neuroscience, cell physiology in health and disease, medical physiology and pharmacology, biochemistry and nutrition, neuropsychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

School system: 2 years, 2 classes a year in February and July. The annual tuition for international students is 48,860 Australian dollars

Outstanding students of this course have the opportunity to pursue a doctorate in the field of neuroscience.

If you want direct employment, the course also provides skills for employment in the biomedical sciences, including clinical research, pharmaceutical companies, and policy making.

Academic requirements:

Hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent, with a grade point average of at least 5.5/7.0, and take at least 8 courses in related fields; related fields include but are not limited to: cell and molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, medicine, anatomy Science and Physiology, Biological Psychology.

English requirement:

IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0; or PTE total score of 64, with no band less than 55

Students who meet the exemption conditions may not provide English results. Students who are not satisfied need to provide English test scores before they can apply.

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