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1. Australia has finally fully opened its borders!

There is no more exciting news than Prime Minister Scott Morrison's announcement that international borders will be fully opened on February 21, which means that all international travelers with valid visas will be able to enter except for international students and some temporary visa holders.

On December 15 last year, Australia announced after several setbacks that it would allow some temporary visa holders to enter, including skilled workers, international students, humanitarian and working holiday visa holders, and temporary family visa holders.

The news is expected to be a huge improvement for the travel industry, which has been calling for federal action on border closures that have hampered its operations. Unvaccinated travellers still need to apply for a travel exemption to enter Australia; if they are allowed to enter Australia, they must undergo hotel quarantine.

The government's rule is that people need to get a full course of the vaccine (China's Sinovac and Beijing Sinopharm are currently recognized), which in most cases means two doses. But some of the vaccines approved overseas require only one dose to be considered a full vaccination. For example, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved for use in Australia only requires one shot.

For the latest Australian entry process guidelines, please see:

2. Census Date that colleges must not miss

Every school's official website will have an Academic Calendar, marking some important dates of the school. In addition to the start time, exam time, and vacation time, there is also a very important census date that you must not miss. Simply put, a Census date is the last date a student can withdraw from a subject or course without incurring fees. This date is also generally used as the final deadline to pay all tuition fees for the semester. After that, there will be corresponding fees, but no academic penalty will be incurred, that is, if the course is withdrawn, the money is gone, but your grades will not be recorded!

So here is a special reminder to everyone, be sure to select the class schedule before the Census date! If you have any questions about course selection, you can contact the Course advisor of your faculty for consultation and confirmation, so as to avoid unnecessary problems arising from subsequent failure to meet the requirements.

The following is the Census Date list for the first semester of 2022 for major universities:

ANU 31/03/2022

USYD 31/03/2022


UQ 18/02/2022

Monash University 31/03/2022

Adelaide University 18/03/2022

Western Australia University 31/03/2022

UTS 25/03/2022

RMIT 31/03/2022

Deakin University 31/03/2022

Tasmania University 22/03/2022

Canberra University04/03/2022

Newcastle University 18/03/2022

Griffith University 10/04/2022

Charles Darwin University 28/03/2022

La Trobe University 31/03/2022

Victoria University 28/02/2022

Swinburne University 18/03/2022

James Cook University 25/03/2022

3. A must-have list for students returning to Australia

Students returning to Australia one after another need to comply with the entry policies and requirements of each state. There will be some slightly different entry policies between states. The following lists the most basic prerequisites:

- Make sure your passport and visa are valid;

-Fill in the Australian Aravel Declaration (ATD)

- Have a vaccine certificate ready;

- Provide PCR or rapid antigen test results within 24 hours of landing

-Download your own vaccine certificate from the state's outbreak app link

For specific entry requirements of the landing state, please refer to the official website of the state government:









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